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Welcome, I'm Pamela

Thank you for visiting my blog!

 I am a teacher, mother, grandmother, writer, homemaker, cook and a myriad of other things, just like you are.  


If I was to distill my purpose in a line or two it would be this:  I have an innate desire to share those things that I find beautiful or meaningful with others.  I believe that how we live is reflective of who we really are.  

I have to admit, that sometimes I go against the grain. Any advice that I have read about starting a blog suggest to micro-niche, to specialize,  but my life and interest is multidisciplinary.  The blogs that I have returned to day after day, and year after year, are also reflective of a holistic view of life.  

I have been fortunate over the last 25 years, to be able to share with my high school students, but this blog opens an opportunity to open a dialogue with you.  

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