• Pamela Hatheway

Happy New Year!

It is the first Monday of the New Year, a chance to psychologically reboot, to start over. New Year is like an empty book, with a story not yet written. With every beginning, many of us set our goals, plan the next phase of our lives and hope that this time will be different, that we will be able to transform into the ideal. The problem is, in just a few short weeks, we return to the habits of inactivity, poor eating and refreshing our Twitter feed.

We do damage to our psyches when we don’t keep our own trust. We erode our faith in ourselves, our self-esteem lags and we give away our power to circumstance. Let’s let this be the year of building back our confidence, of taking back our power. Let this be the year that you will finally do that thing you have been wanting to do for years.

For many of us, the tasks are not hard, but they wear on our self-esteem. We promise that we are going to organize the garage and it is like all of our self-worth is defined by that messy space. We carry the same extra weight that we did the year before, and all of our value is inexplicably attached to that number that shows up on the scales. We promise ourselves that we will write that book, go back to school, get off the couch and go for a walk, clean our kitchen, our desires give way to other people's needs or to do lists.

This year, let’s give our dreams the attention that they deserve. Every time we keep promises to ourselves, our sense of pride and self-worth and personal confidence grows. We have to learn to change the mindset that says that meeting personal goals and dreams is selfish. Putting yourself first is about loving yourself.

Let this be the year that you take your interest off the back burner and call it self-care. You have made promises to the most important person in your life, and keeping those promises will be the first step in taking your power back.

Please let me hear from you. What have you wanted to do that you have put off?

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