• Pamela Hatheway

Winter Sewing

I have found myself unpacking my sewing machine far more in recent months. I have mended a few items. Last weekend I made a flannelette nightgown from fabric that has been in my fabric box for about 20 years. Yesterday, I spent a blissful day making winter pillow covers for my living room.

I have to admit, I am doing this project quite frugally. . After visiting a local home decorating store, and seeing the price of decorative pillows, I was inspired to make them myself. I found some textured blankets for sale at a local discount store, the price was far cheaper than what the fabric store offered so I bought a couple in different textures and colours and headed home.

There is something very satisfying about mending or making something from scratch. This has been a beautiful weekend, filled with listening to cozy mysteries on audio, and playing with fabric… oh, and endless cups of tea.

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