• Pamela Hatheway

Welcome Molly

About a year ago, I had to say goodbye to my Gracie. She had been with me for over 15 years. Gracie had been my constant companion, following closely at my feet as I go through the house and yard, she was always ready to take a drive or a nap. Her presence was huge in my home, and the loss was big.

Over the last year I have been watching the ads carefully. I knew I didn’t want a puppy at this time in my life. I needed a dog who would be ok when I went off to work, who likes walks and cuddling but not a whole lot of robust play. I really wanted another pug.

Yesterday, I checked the local ads and there she was; Molly. She is an eight year old pug, her owners had to sell her because their children were suffering from allergies. She came to visit last night, to see how my cat would react to her. Charlotte was overjoyed. She jumped around her, rubbed and purred. She fell in love instantly.

Molly has decided to stay. I have to say, I am thrilled.

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